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NCIS Fan Fiction Reccomendations

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_tweeter_ @ 11:01 pm: The Window, by Summertime - H/C, PG-13
It's still May where I am!

Rec Category: Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: None
Category: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Author on LJ: don't know
Author's Website: don't know.
Link: The Window

Why This Must Be Read:

When I first discovered this story it wasn't completed. I felt very unfulfilled at the way it ended and being new to ff.net I didn't realize that it hadn't been completed. Much later the final chapter was added and I felt the story had come full circle. This is the only story that Summertime seems to have written, and it's an interesting look at the way Tony's mind works when he's held captive, with no human contact, for months. His journey into madness is fascinating and frightening and you're not sure if he's ever going to come back.


He wasn’t a man who liked waiting.

When he had gone after Ari, he had gone after him knowing that the chase was going to be long, and even then, he had still been impatient. He had stalked around the office, burning midnight oil and forcing others to join him, and he knew that it had been unbearable. He’d known that even then but hadn’t cared - the chase was too important and the quarry too valuable for him to care.

He had gone after Dinozzo expecting that he would find Tony in a day, but even in the first twenty-four golden hours after Tony’s disappearance, he had felt the tension in him build to the breaking point. After the first forty-eight, he had rehearsed in his head everything he would do to the people who had dared to take Tony Dinozzo and not return him, immediately, and God help them if Tony was bruised. He’d thought about bruises because he hadn’t been able to think about anything else. So he had yelled at them to make the searches work faster, to trace the leads they didn’t have, and he had thought about all the things he would do when he found Tony. He had sipped his coffee and thought about shattered kneecaps and ripping their throats out, and he had smiled.

After the first week, the ideas had come whether he had wanted them or not. He would wake up with his hands curled into fists and leveled over his heart so that he could feel it pounding, trying to break out of his ribs. He’d rub the nightmares out of his eyes and spend the rest of the night in the office, trying to wrap his head around the why and how - but mostly the where. And he would be sitting there with his head in his hands when Kate would come up and hand him a coffee and explain that she hadn’t been able to sleep, either, and they both put their heads together and came up with - nothing.

At the end of the first month, he had heard Kate say to McGee that he’d broken more computer units this month alone than in the last year.

All they had was a note. Dinozzo had disappeared into thin air and all they had left of him was a note pinned to a door - a note with generic ink, generic paper, and no fingerprints. Just a plain sheet of white paper with one word: Look. So Gibbs did, even though he hated following orders. He looked. They all did.

At the end of the second month, he was told that his first priority could no longer be official.

The Window



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Date:June 1st, 2007 04:51 am (UTC)
But it will be in the June newsletter :)

If you're going to have such a long teaser, maybe you should use an LJ-cut?
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