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Twelve Ways To Say I Love You by Ren (R)

Rec Category: Gibbs/Ducky. Slash
Pairing:  Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
Category:  Slash. Established Relationship. Romance. Friendship. Team fic. Holiday fic.
Author on LJ: k1mono
Author's Website: N/A
Link: Twelve Ways To Say I Love You

Why this must be read:

I confess that I may be a tad biased in respect of Twelve Ways To Say I Love You, as it was written for me, specifically to my tastes and wishes, as part of the ncis_tinsel 2006 Fiction Exchange.

Nonetheless, for me this is one of the definitive Gibbs/Ducky stories. It shows two men in love without resorting to over the top and out of character actions and reactions. Ren's story is set firmly within canon and contains an established relationship, romance, love, friendship, the twelve days of Christmas, a touch of angst, team banter, sex, and this is all done without making the story soppy or over emotional.

What more can I say? I just love this story.


Gibbs face became puzzled, wondering who would give him such a gift. It was unlikely to be his long time lover Ducky. There would be no need to sign the gift with a question mark. Besides Ducky knew he wasn’t a fan of this type of music, and certainly Ducky wouldn’t do something as ridiculous as this. So he immediately crossed out his lover from the imaginary list of possible prank players.

Would it be something DiNozzo would play, but again DiNozzo would know his life span would be cut short, as a result, so again another name was crossed out.

That left Abby and McGee, but again reasoning got the better of him. Any way he had better things to do, such as work, and curtailing the fun, currently pervading through his team. So he swiftly got his team back on focusing on their trials of their day ahead. However in the midst of business the cogs were turning in his mind as to who did leave that gift. And if the anonymous gift giver was staying true to that old song, well he could be facing 11 more days of odd tokens of affection.
Grammar lady by Pearle Vision

Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps by ingenius_inc

Rec Category: Gibbs/Tony
Pairing: Gibbs/Tony
Category: Angst, first time
Warning: NC-17
Author on LJ: ingenius_inc
Author's Website: none
Link:  Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps

Why this must be read:
If my memory is accurate,   I believe that ingenius_inc learned to write in Persian before she learned English and her style reflects it.  Her stories are filled with elegant, poetic sentences and lots of characters' inner thoughts.

Giibbs barks at him to get the van and then drinks a lot of dark bitter coffee -- the stuff smells so strong Tony gets nauseous just making the runs to the coffee shop (wherever they are, there’s always a coffee shop around for Gibbs; The Universe’s Guide To Survival, Third Edition, chapter one, page four) and back-- and then there’s an hour spent looking for fingerprints on really obscure (but no doubt important) surfaces --like rocks-- in the mid-summer heat and Gibbs only calls it quits when Tony begins to worry about contaminating the crime scene with his own sweat.

Oh, and the plot -- it takes place when Tony is feeling down. Ziva didn't invite him to dinner with the team; he's stuck with an ugly lamp; he's recovering from "Boxed In"; oh, and Gibbs. He wants Gibbs. Can he have him?

Rictus by Sequitur

Rec Category: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Pairing: Gen
Category: Gibbs/DiNozzo, Angst
Warning: Umm... serial killer that targets little girls
Author on LJ: (If applicable)
Author's Website: NA
Link: Rictus

Why This Must Be Read:
Sequitur describes the story as "How Tony DiNozzo started working for NCIS." Not only do we get the first meeting between Tony and Gibbs, but they also work their first case together, a really nasty serial killer case with the targets being little girls. Tony's situation within the police department is bad and getting worse, and Gibbs realizes that the younger man is close to burn out. Sequitur does an excellent job of getting into the heads of both Gibbs and DiNozzo and showing us how well the two mesh almost immediately.
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Status Quo by rebecca (NC-17)

Rec Category: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Category: Slash, First Time
Warning: Slash, mild suggestion of b&d, but nothing major
Author on LJ: blueraccoon
Author's Website:

Why This Must Be Read:

blueraccoon is undoubtedly one of the best authors in NCIS. Pretty much all of her fic is worth reccing, which paradoxically sometimes leads to me forgetting to rec her. I think everyone must already know she's a must-read. *grins*

I love the ordinary way Tony gets outted in this story. Sometimes the plot devices we use to bring the boys together start to seem a little bit silly, and it's nice to read a fic in which it's just bad timing that makes it happen, because life is like that. I also love the way Tony misdirects the rest of the team in parts of this story. He's a master at that.

And the sex is, of course, incredibly hot. You expected anything else from blueraccoon? *grins*

Risk and Reward by KSL (NC-17)

Rec Category: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Category: Slash
Warning: Slash
Author on LJ: ksl2025
Author's Website:

Why This Must Be Read:

This is the first story in a whole series, the rest of which you can find on KSL's website. I enjoy the whole series, but I do love the first one the best.

There aren't a lot of long NCIS stories out there. That makes the ones that take the time to build their relationship slowly and thoroughly all the more wonderful. This story has hurt/comfort and (in character) romance and smut and a detailed backstory for Tony all woven through their everyday lives.

Risk and Reward

The Favoured by pixie_on_acid (PG)

Rec Category: Friendship
Pairing: None
Category: Gen
Warning: None
Author on LJ: pixie_on_acid
Author's Website: Cha Oseye Tempest Thrain on ff.n

Why This Must Be Read:

As an fan of Tony's knows, sometimes you have to take the small fragments of his personality that the writers give us and read a lot more into them. They don't often show him being a good agent, but we see flashes of brilliance and we know Gibbs wouldn't keep him around if he wasn't. They show him alientating people almost all the time...but we've also seen him get information out of a suspect or a witness when the rest of the team came up dry.

One of the reason I like pixie_on_acid's stories so much is that she weaves these fragments of Tony into a coherent, interesting whole better than anyone else I've ever read. Certainly better than I have done myself. Her stories show Tony as I desperately wish we could see him on screen. I know this is the character that lives behind the thin facade that is all TPTB will show us. pixie_on_acid's Tony is absolutely in character, and yet he is also so much more.

This isn't my favorite story of hers. I already recced that one during my turn on crack_van and I was trying to avoid duplicates. I chose this story to rec because it features Gibbs coming to a realization about Tony and laying out, in his own mind, the kind of man Tony is. I'm quietly hoping that reading this fic may indoctrinate more people into writing this kind of Tony.

The Favoured

Instant Connection by wiccagirl24 (PG)

Rec Category: Friendship
Pairing: None
Category: Gen
Warning: None
Author on LJ: wiccagirl24
Author's Website: Her section at

Why This Must Be Read:

I feel like I'm stretching the category a little for this story, but only because one of the participants in the various friendships is sort of an OC. This is an alternate universe in which Gibbs's first wife died shortly after Kelly was born. This fic is about Kelly meeting Abby for the first time (which means before McGee, Kate, or even Tony joined Gibbs's team), but I recced it for her interactions with the rest of the characters, which just seem so right to me. I also discovered upon finding this story to rec that there is a prequel and a sequel. I haven't read either of those--this story is standalone--but I'm looking forward to them.

Instant Connection