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NCIS Fan Fiction Reccomendations

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periwinkle27 @ 12:32 pm: Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps by ingenius_inc
Rec Category: Gibbs/Tony
Pairing: Gibbs/Tony
Category: Angst, first time
Warning: NC-17
Author on LJ: ingenius_inc
Author's Website: none
Link:  Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps

Why this must be read:
If my memory is accurate,   I believe that ingenius_inc learned to write in Persian before she learned English and her style reflects it.  Her stories are filled with elegant, poetic sentences and lots of characters' inner thoughts.

Giibbs barks at him to get the van and then drinks a lot of dark bitter coffee -- the stuff smells so strong Tony gets nauseous just making the runs to the coffee shop (wherever they are, there’s always a coffee shop around for Gibbs; The Universe’s Guide To Survival, Third Edition, chapter one, page four) and back-- and then there’s an hour spent looking for fingerprints on really obscure (but no doubt important) surfaces --like rocks-- in the mid-summer heat and Gibbs only calls it quits when Tony begins to worry about contaminating the crime scene with his own sweat.

Oh, and the plot -- it takes place when Tony is feeling down. Ziva didn't invite him to dinner with the team; he's stuck with an ugly lamp; he's recovering from "Boxed In"; oh, and Gibbs. He wants Gibbs. Can he have him?

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